Dear customer,

I would like to share my own personal experience with these baits.  Please read the following:

It was as early Saturday morning in late May.  My partner and I were fishing a remote back water of the Wisconsin River with these newly developed baits.  As we quietly cruised our canoe throught the morning mist, dozens of swirls could be seen around us.  The fish were obviously here.  We allowed the conoe to cruise on it's own while we made our first casts.  I was throwing the solid orange bait.  As I retrieved the bait over the open water a huge wake approached from the edge of a nearby weedbed.  I thaught I was ready for this fish.   She slammed into my bait with unmatch verocity.  Immediately she went for the weeds.  I raised my straining rod as far into the air as I could trying to keep her from diving to the bottom and wrapping herself around structure.  Our canoe was not anchored so she began towing us.  I kept my line tight and continued my retrieve.  This fight lasted about 20 minutes.  When I finally landed her and got a measurement she was 42" in length.  The biggest Pike I have ever caught.  After admiring her for a moment, I removed the lure from her lip and released her.  That day produced 14 pike, and 16 largemouth.  It was a magnificant day to be a fisherman.  

This all occured with the original version of my bait.   Now the baits are professionally manufactured and balanced.  They are coated with a chip resistant rubber based paint and weigh 3/8 ounce.  We have decided to market this bait, due to it's success.  I personally gaurentee, if you are not already addicted to fishing topwater, these baits will "hook" you.

The new design of these baits allows them to travel over ever possible structure big fish use for ambush.  Unlike conventional buzzbaits which have a tendancy to hang up on lily pads or weeds.  These baits can also be cast with greater accuracy, their new in-line design insures straight flight.  Once again, unlike conventional buzzbaits which have a tendancy to spin in the air and sometimes get wrapped up in the line causing the entire cast to be ruined.  This is frustrating to say the least.  It also positively ruins your opportunity to catch a fish that may have struck the bait on the first cast.

The ORDER BAITS LINKhas a picture that shows all available colors.   You choose five baits (any color) and we'll send you these baits in a handy, compact, easy to store plano six compartment box absolutely free!

We would personally like to thank you for your interest in our product.  Any comments or questions about this bait can be directed to 1-888-744-4249.


Roger Gates
The Never Fail Lure Co.
Thank you, Good fishing from The Never Fail Lure Company!!