Unpredictable Predetors

Muskies are unpredictable and difficult to catch. The time of year and water temperature have everything to do with their feeding habits.

Muskie feed actively when the water is cold (from 55 to 62 degrees).

fishing the N.F.L.'s slowly just below the surface of the water during these times produces fish. Active muskies can not resist these lures traveling across open water.

Locating active fish is is another problem. With these baits you can cover a huge amount of water in a short period of time.

If fished properly, and in the right conditions, these baits can produce some of the best muskie fishing ever.

Don't forget, these baits play no favorites, they can catch multiple species of fish. NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!!

Never Fail Lures

Never Fail Lures: New in-line Buzzbaits

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