Largemouth Bass are undeniably territorial. They demolish these new lures. N.F.L.'s are completely weedless which means that they can be retrieved over structure that big bass use for ambush.

For example, when the bait is cast over a patch of lilly pads and retrieved, bass will follow the lure from under the pads until the bait reaches an opening and gurgles its way across the water. Bass explode through the surface of the water on the bait. Sometimes a fish will not wait for the bait to reach the opening and just crash through the lillies.

Topwater fishing for Largemouth Bass is the most exciting way to catch these fish.

I have personally caught more bass on the Never Fail Lures than any other bait in my box.

I gauranty success with these baits.

Never Fail Lures

Never Fail Lures: New in-line buzzbaits